DMIx launches photo-realistic virtual models

In partnership with Verce, the studio that specialises in creating realistic virtual models, “it brings together a high-quality end-to-end virtual model workflow for fashion brands including a virtual 3D photo studio”.It claims end-to-end digitalisation of workflows that “will have a major impact on the fashion industry, by reducing the need for prototypes, physical samples. Factoring in travelling and the production of shoots, brands can save costs and time as well as reducing environmental impact”.

The company claims the state-of-the-art digital humans within the DMIx StudioAvatars “have a photorealistic quality never seen before and can be customised and individualised to a brand’s preference”. This enables brands “to build up their own completely unique digital model team and take their digital workflow right up to sales and marketing”.And the DMIx StudioAvatars is part of Color Digital’s “commitment to improving diversity and representation in the fashion industry”, its creator added.The system also allows brands to exchange photo-realistic materials, real colours and avatars in real-time without going back to CAD, it notes.Gerd Willschütz, CEO and co-founder of ColorDigital, added: “Until now, an end-to-end 3D workflow with virtual models has not been able to meet marketing demands and substitute human models photographs on e-commerce systemsคำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online. With the DMIx 3D-Studio, we are not only making a complex workflow easy – we are also laying the groundwork for an automated pipeline to create e-commerce ready images for various online retailers. In combination with our hyper-realistic virtual humans, we provide the first end-to-end solution bringing together digital product development and consumer driven marketing demands.” 
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