UK consumer confidence takes a pounding in March – PwC report

This is a fall from +8 during the same period last year and is only just ahead of the -26 reading reported at the start of the pandemic.PwC surveyed just over 2,000 people between March 19 and 21 and said sentiment had declined across all age groups, with people preparing to spend less on buying clothes, eating out, and going on holiday but bracing to spend more on groceries because the price of food was going up.

PwC cited a combination of the tightest cost of living squeeze in a generation, inflation rising to its highest rate in three decades, tax hikes, and sky-high energy bills. And many experts think pessimism will only grow as price rises continue in the coming months, with inflation peaking at around 9% in October when energy price caps are lifted.At the same time, wage gr…

A Look at the Surprising Aftermath of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' Divorce

Melinda Gates on "Unbelievably Painful" Split From Bill Gates

There's no such thing as a billion-dollar divorce that slips under the radar—let alone a $124 billion divorce.

And the May 3, 2021, announcement that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates were ending their marriage after 27 years came as a shock regardless, the Microsoft cofounder and his partner in global philanthropy innocuously chugging along all that time, their Seattle-area home base a 66,000-square-foot mega-mansion with its own beach on the shore of Lake Washington.

Though there's no such thing as too much space at times. ("Working from home—that was a piece that I think we hadn't really individually prepared for quite as …